Bombay Bicycle Club Q&A

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Last Thursday, Jack and Ed from Bombay Bicycle Club joined us in our Carnaby St store to provide the sounds to our Carnaby x Grazia 20% Shopping Event.

While they were in the store, we managed to grab some time with them to talk about their upcoming tour.




Bombay Bicycle Club started in London, what do you miss most about London when you are on tour?

Ed: We grew up in London so everything really, our families and girlfriends, friends and homes.

Jack: Really good oriental food, we used to live just next to Chinatown. But I suppose we are going to Hong Kong on our tour so their food should be better than Chinatown.

Which countries or cities are you most looking forward to visiting on your tour?

Ed: I personally enjoy visiting Brussels, it’s one of my personal favourites as everytime we go there something ridiculous happens.

Jack: they’ve got a very nice absinthe bar there which we go to. It’s a traditional for us to visit

Ed: We’ve got a good track record with Brussels.

What is your favourite song on your current tour set?

Ed: my personal favourite song is our last single called ‘Lights out, Words gone’ just because I have the funnest part in it and it is my favourite part of the set.

Jack: I like doing the second song which is ‘Your Eyes’ which everyone always starts clapping at, it’s a great moment.

How do you think your new album ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ has progressed since Bombay Bicycle Club’s first album ‘I Had the Blues but Shook them Loose’?

Ed: It’s got more funky.

Jack: It’s got a lot of groove.

Ed: We just did a DJ set now and we played a lot of baggy, groovy things.

When you are on the road, what is your essential wardrobe item?

Jack: Socks.

Ed: Socks and pants but I never take enough so I always have to buy new ones.

Jack: I have bought a lot of pants on tour. In Germany, the only pants I could find were like y-fronts. That was a really bad time on tour.

Ed: for the day, Jack was actually like, ‘Actually I dunno know why I didn’t wear y-fronts, I might only wear y-fronts now and contemplated throwing out all his boxers.’

Jack: Y-fronts are the way forward.

Visit Bombay Bicycle Club's website here.

Ed wears Laundered Polka Dot Shirt.

Jack wears Laundered Techno Brush Shirt.


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