Exactly what this A-Z is here to help avoid. From pouring the perfect festive tipple to spending Christmas in a cave, we have everything to help see you glide through the festive season in sartorial satisfaction and with goodwill for all men.

No other month is more stressful than December; food to cook, presents to buy, unfinished work to complete and relatives to see. New Year promises are on the horizon, the inevitable January detox looms and you’re supposed to be in a jolly Christmas mood while being forced to spend time with Uncles and Aunts you barely know the name of. No wonder anxiety is rife, on top of all of this you also have to worry about what to wear. Not only to the Christmas Day dinner, but to all the Christmas parties…with the office, friends, the local football club; everyone is at one point during December calling for your attention, wanting you to dress up and attend a festive gathering. What on earth to wear? Luckily, that’s been taken care of by us.

We want to relieve you of that stress by offering sartorial solutions for just about every social conundrum Christmas can throw in your direction. Our Christmas A-Z list will guide you through all the tough decisions that Father Christmas, indirectly of course, will make you take. Brogues or Chelsea boots? Bow tie or open neck shirt? Checks or stripes? Put away the medication for now, sit down and relax, and enjoy the ride.