Brothel Creepers

Our beautiful Italian made crepe sole Derbys make the perfect self-gift, for you, from you, with love.

Remember those Christmases when you were given soft squidgy packages, and how you straight away knew it wasn’t what you had asked for? You’d asked for the latest Transformer action figure, but it was clearly a bumper pack of socks buried beneath that wrapping paper. Today, socks are probably top of your wish list, and however old we are that excitement and joy of getting a wrapped gift will never go away – it doesn’t matter how much you pretend otherwise. But let’s not kid ourselves, the only way to ensure you get the right gift is to buy it yourself, and there’s no shame in that.

Been looking at a pair of brothel creepers with a thick welted rubber soles, but just know your mum will buy you velcro fastening trainers instead? Well, just get them yourself! Go on, control your (footwear) destiny. You know how they say that the first thing a girl will look at is your shoes and what state they’re in? It’s true. So what kind of shoes you wear matters - make them Creepers count.