Protect this season’s hottest gift with our understated leather cases, and learn how technology can be your saving grace this Christmas.

Style and substance. It's not often you get them both. We are constantly made to choose between the two, making our lives either ugly and effective or good looking and useless. With the introduction of the iPhone a few years back, that dilemma ceased to exist. We’re often faced with the same problem when buying a case for your phone. Whereas your girlfriend more than likely went for a bunny-eared version in a loud colour, you are looking for a more subtle one, aren’t you? That’s where this black slot pocket iPhone case in soft leather comes in. And while we are on the subject of clever blowers we might as well take the opportunity to list a few of the Christmas-related apps that you can use and abuse in the upcoming months.

If you want to know where to get the best possible Santa costume, how to get the exact right shade of Christmas red or what close by Off Licences are open when, you’ll have to go elsewhere. But we can definitely help you solve a few problems, right here, right now: Not On The High Street have launched a new app to help you find the perfect gifts for those tougher customers (your mum, sister, daughter, second cousin); for more help with the Christmas cooking Ottolenghi have got it covered, if you’re wanting to escape Christmas altogether, at least momentarily, this Virtual Astronomy Sky app is for you.

Your iPhone can also help you avoid excess Christmas bulge with the Endomondo Fitness app and lastly to help you circulate Christmas parties without forgetting people’s names, there is also an app for that, enter Namerick!