Avoid the obligation to don Auntie’s thoughtful gift by sporting a fine jumper of your own.

Knits have been given a bad yuletide reputation. If there ever were a time and a place when warm and cosy lambswool jumpers are needed, it would have been wintry December. It seems Nans and Grans all over the country has ruined this by knitting atrocious creations; loud and unforgiving colours, even worse motifs (think cute animals in Santa costumes) and crap yarn, making your body itch. But fear not, there’s an antidote.

Scientists all over the world have worked long hours to fight this disease. For years we had the option of donning a Christmas jumper or being cold. Never again will that be the case, because here’s what they came up with in their sartorial laboratories: heavy cable knits in lambswool and leather elbow patches, cotton blend crew neck jumpers in a geo jacquard pattern, merino wool shirt cardigans, v-neck argyle sweaters and shawl collar Fair Isle jumpers. Thank Rudolph! For Christmas 2012, Ben Sherman is reclaiming knitwear, making it ours again. But, since we are generous people, we want to share this you. Take your pick; we’ve got them thick and thin, patterned and plain, loud or quiet. And this we promise you, no Nan has been within 100 yards of the Ben Sherman wool mills.