Mod_ular Blanc

If you’re in London this Christmas, pop into our store on east London’s Commercial Street where you’ll find our exclusive Marshall pop-up shop taking residence within Mod_ular Blanc.

Not only does music and fashion go hand in hand, in many cases they are so closely intertwined that their DNAs mix. That’s very much the case with Ben Sherman. Born at a time when, arguably, some of the best ever music was written and performed, the brand looked towards music for inspiration. The result was – and is – a Ben Sherman brand in love with the creative forces and powerful magic of rock ‘n’ roll. So for us it makes sense to incorporate this into what we do and that’s why, if you visit the Mod_ular Blanc top floor space in our Commercial Street shop, you can get your hands on fantastic Marshall headphones and other sonic accessories.

Founded the same year as Ben Sherman, Jim Marshall’s speakers and headphones have been pivotal in spreading the rock gospel. Without Marshall, legendary axe men like Pete Townshend and Richie Blackmore would have sounded like Rolf Harris. So do pop in, check out the gear and catch one or two of the acoustic in-store gigs and exhibited rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia.