Pocket Squares

Sharpen your style with this simple addition to your top pocket.

Retail is detail. That’s an age-old saying among shop staff all over the world, uniting high street brands with high-end fashion labels. But it’s also true for YOU, our beloved customer. You can splash out on a nice suit and polish your shoes all you want, but if you don’t seal the deal with a couple of well-chosen details, then it was all for nothing. Make sure there are no holes in your socks. Look closer at your belt and tie. Do they match? Can your tie in any way be conceived as ‘funny’ (i.e. does it have Donald Duck, cute animals or any kind of text on it)? If the answer is ‘yes’, take it off immediately. And have you got a pocket square?

It’s an easy way of adding character to your outfit. You’ll look elegant and like you’ve made an effort. You can’t really go wrong. Or maybe you can… here’s what to you need to know. Save white to very formal occasions, like weddings. Instead, go with a colour but choose a subtle shade. Remember, the pocket square’s arch enemy is the tie; they have always fought for attention, and because the tie is in the middle and a lot bigger, the pocket square often has to play second fiddle. So double check they match. If you’re wearing a loud tie, go with a simple pocket square – but if your neckwear is in a moderate colour, use that as an excuse to go to town with the pocket square. Choose between our blue and yellow check ones, or a great 50s geo print. Follow these simple yet detailed rules and you will be fine. May the pocket square be with you.