Because who doesn’t love receiving socks for Christmas?

Socks are often written off as a non-gift. It’s what you give someone in the office or buy for the Secret Santa raffle. But socks do not deserve this reputation. They actually play a pivotal role in your outfit and should be treated with respect. First of all, they serve an important protection purpose: they keep you warm and make the experience of wearing heavy boots and shoes pleasant. But, as with everything else you wear, your socks are an extension of your personality. Bright or sombre colours? Wool or cotton? Stripy or check? The alternatives are endless. Perhaps you wear black ones while at work and let loose over the weekend? But even in a formal environment, socks are an excellent way to add a bit of humour to your outfit.

Our Corgi cotton socks are made in Wales and our first pick of the bunch are these subtle floral patterned pair, which add a perfect edge to the navy background. Fancy going all Technicolour on your socks? The pink and yellow colour combination will ensure your feet get the attention they deserve. But the Fairisle wool pair is the daddy of all Ben Sherman socks. In either black/white or navy/white, the pattern is subtle yet directional, the perfect Christmas sock… maybe even good enough to double up Christmas stockings?