Sack off the Queen’s speech, turn your back on Bond and escape the humbug of Christmas by spending the festive season in these alternative locations.

It’s not unusual for the Christmas anxiety to stress us out: the pressure and lack of time to get it all sorted can get to the best of us. In those instances, the best thing to do is to get out, flee the nest and get a bit of perspective on things. Utilise the days off and the fact that just about everyone else is at home, leaving the best adventures to be had by you.

The Northern part of Finland is beautiful, the Igloo Village in the Hotel Kakslauttanen makes the perfect retreat. Enjoy the eerie landscape, excursions into the Arctic sea, and experience meetings with the ingenious people, Samer, and try the local delicacy of reindeer. Not into snow? Well, these Turkish caves could be just the thing for you. In a Cappadocia cave suit, you get to experience the hard and cold side of Mother Nature up close, but still enjoy the comforts of 21st century accommodation technology. When you’re done admiring the cave system, there’s hot air balloon rides to be had and horseback riding to try. Remember Christmas is not about where you are; it’s a feeling, an atmosphere and a joy.