Walk on the Wild Side

Our pick of the best boxing days walks

What is the single most used sentence during Christmas? “I’m so full, I can’t fit in any more food and chocolate” That’s universal, people all over the globe will complain about having eaten too much. They will continue eating, of course, that goes without saying. We’re only human after all: We. Never. Learn. The way to fight this evil condition (fullness) is to start adding in small doses of – whisper it – exercise. We’re not suggesting you cancel the turkey for an aerobic session or a spot of track and field, that’d be stupid. But what you can do – if nothing else because it will actually increase your appetite – is to go for walks. Enjoy the scenery; take in Mother Nature and get hungry doing it. Excellent. Here’s where to do it.

If you’re in London, make your way to Hampstead Heath. Once there enjoy the forest, spacious hills and eerie silence. Pop into Kenwood House for a cheeky glass of wine – because you haven’t had enough. Central Park is no hidden gem for New Yorkers but it’s an amazing inner city asset with its 250 acres of lawns and 136 acres of woodland. Except for organised tours and walks, the park also offers ice-skating and cross country skiing, if there’s snow. Get Involved. For Berliners, their best option for urban exercise and a quick stroll is Tiergarten. The park area, in the midst of Berlin’s Mitte area, is a third of Central Park in terms of size, but offers equal opportunities for post-Christmas redemption. Tiergarten means ‘animal garden’ in German, so watch where you put your feet.