Oh yes, Xylems; the clever little nutrient transporting structures found within the trunk of your Christmas tree. Keep these babies nourished and keep your festive vacuuming to a minimum.

The Christmas tree is perhaps the most well-known Christmas symbol, only second to Santa himself. Although only you, your family and perhaps a few friends will actually see it, it is important that the tree is dressed respectfully and according to Christmas traditions.  None of that modern decorating please, keep it old school and elegant: lots of red, white, silver and gold. Remember not to crowd the tree – in itself the tree is a beautiful ornament. And think about it, when else do you chop down an entire tree and drag it inside your house? Only once year, so make it count!

Start by putting the lights on, then add decorations one at a time. Put the biggest decorations at the bottom, the smallest towards the top. Use miniature pea lights, baubles, and bunches of natural products such as berries, cones and twigs. If you want to bring in professional Christmas Tree Decorators – yes, they exist – our money is on the fine people at Pines and Needles. They offer a bespoke home decoration service, enabling you to sit back while someone struggles with your tree. Lighting can be customised to fit your needs, pillars adorned and garland and wreaths home-made.  Treat your Christmas tree to a special experience this Holiday.