Mark Powell


Mark creates a mysterious story with the faces he draws and the canvases he uses. Each one carries the scars of travel, a life lived. Using only biro pens and collected envelopes he manages to catch a certain beauty that is a step away from the beauty fed to the society of today.


The Other Art Fair is London's leading artist-led fair that connects art lovers of all tastes and experience, directly with 100 of the most talented emerging and unrepresented artists before they are signed.

Choose from over 1,000 pieces to buy from just £50 as well as enjoy art talks, live 3D printing, taxidermy workshops, art and music performances, kids create area, food & drink and much more.

Plus, for the very first time the fair will be presented alongside the Moniker Art Fair – London’s premiere event for contemporary art with its roots embedded in urban culture.

Tickets from £6 (includes entry in to both fairs)

For more information and to book tickets visit

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