5 Minutes: Tango In The Attic

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To continue our behind the scenes look at our CMJ British Music Showcase that we held on Wednesday night we grabbed five minutes with Tango in The Attic before their set. Here's the second in our three part series:




What do you love about New York?

The pace of New York is unlike other cities. Everyone seems to have a million things to do at once. As soon as you arrive you get sucked up into it; there’s a bit of a CMJ buzz going on just now so it’s even better.

What are you looking forward to most about playing CMJ?

There are so many cool bands playing right now. Discovering new music in between your own shows is one of the most fun things to do. We come from a relatively small town in the UK so being amongst so much good music at once is cool.

What is your favourite song from your second album Sellotape?

Our favourite song is probably “198 Alpaca”. It’s a song on which we tried to push ourselves creatively. It’s fun to play live as well.

What is the one thing you can’t live without on the road?

Food’s quite important. There’s a lot of repetition in day to day activities so food is a good source of variation. Playlists are pretty important as well, it’s a good chance to share what you’ve been listening to with the rest of the band and vice versa.

If you could have a pint with anyone who would it be?

Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan provides a lot of the band’s entertainment. He’s been on TV in the UK a few times in character as Alan Partridge and it’s been pretty funny. I’d definitely like to meet him in character.


To find out more about Tango In The Attic you can visit their Myspace here.


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