Five Minutes With: Prides

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We caught up with Prides for our second CMJ 'Five Minutes with Ben Sherman'.





Prides will also be playing our special Ben Sherman's showcase this Wednesday for CMJ Music Marathon 2013, in association with Music is Great and the British Consulate NY. We chatted with the lads about playing CMJ, their fashion faux pas and ideal drinking partners.


1.            What does it mean, as a British act, to play a show at CMJ this year?

It's really exciting. It's the first time we've played across the pond, and we hope to do a lot more of it in the future. There's been a massive British invasion in music recently, and we're looking forward to seeing if people take to the music the same way they've started to at home.

2.            Who will you be excited to see on the schedule?
Well we've heard a rumour that there might be a secret appearance by Arcade Fire, which would be amazing!
3.            What can’t you live without when you’re on the road?

Coffee. Generally we'll have a coffee at every opportunity. Always black. Also Beef Jerky. We're kind of like cowboys. We also don't like to talk to each other so usually everyone has an iPad on hand.

4.            What song/album do you have on repeat on your iTunes/Spotify at the moment?

New albums by Haim and CHVRCHES are pretty much our choice du jour. Also some of the new Arctic Monkeys material is great, and recently I've gotten right back into Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears. One of my favourite albums of all time. We've also been indulging in some Bangerz by Miley Cyrus, because, well, why not?

5.            Do you own a Ben Sherman shirt?
Possibly second-hand. We're struggling musicians, so generally its thrift-store chic for us.

6.            What do you think embodies British style or fashion?

Music. British fashion is great for its diversity, and I think there's a really strong link between it and both pop music and culture. So much of modern music is influenced by fashion and vice versa. So many genres of music are attached to a style of clothing, and I like that it brings that sense of identity with it. As a musician, I've always had a keen interest in fashion, and it's great that one can really enhance the other.

7.            Trends come and go, styles change and evolve, but what is your biggest fashion regret?

Long hair. We all had long hair and one point. Terrible idea. Between us we've had some real howlers. Leopard print leggings, desert scarves, bleached highlights, the list goes on.

8.            Finally, if you could sit down for a pint with anyone – who would it be?We all choose Katy Perry. So 3 of her.


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