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We caught up with Born Ruffians, just before leaving for The Juno’s, here’s what front man Luke Lalonde had to say..

Toronto based Born Ruffians formed in 2004, received honours for their latest album Birthmarks with a nomination for Breakthrough Group of The Year at this years Juno Awards in Winnipeg. We talked to front man Luke Lalonde in 5 Minutes With..

1. You’re off to Winnipeg for the JUNO'S, what is the furthest you've travelled to play a show?
China!! Shanghai or Australia, just trying to think which would be further?

2. As a Toronto based band, what is your favourite Canadian venue?
We just played the Sound Academy and that was a cool place to play. The Rickshaw stop in Vancouver and the last time we played Winnipeg , we played in Park Theatre.

3. What album or release are you listening to right now? Can be old or new?
I like the new Tokyo Police Club record, just came out this week or last. I’ve also been listening to Lee Hazelwood, he’s phenomenal, and “New Morning” a Bob Dylan record.

4. Trends come and go and style change, can you remember your biggest fashion regret?
When we first started our band and started receiving press, we got a feature in the fashion section of the New York Times. This was when we were 19 or 20 and didn't really understand the importance of press coverage. I decided to wear a fluorescent green t-shirt and I put pink duct tape on it. It looked just stupid! I was regretting it almost immediately after. The New York Times came out and I looked like a doofus..

5. Has British style and culture affected your lifestyle?
Yeah for sure. I think Keith Richards is probably one of the coolest. If I had to list the top 3 or 5 people of all time, he’s on the list. Rock & Roll is such a mix of English and American and all of that is influenced by classic rock, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and fashion has sort of influenced me in ways.

6. Who do you admire in terms of fashion + music?
Well I admire David Bowie throughout his career pretty much. Up to and including “Lets Dance”, after that I kinda lost track of what he has been doing? That’s my fascination with Bowie, like what Madonna did before Lady Gaga, constantly reinventing.
David Byrne in “Stop Making Sense” the grey monotone and his crazy giant suit. Their fashions didn't over shadow the music, they go hand in hand with it, giving people something to talk about which creates a dialogue around music.

7. Where in Toronto would you take your friends for a good time?
I’d take them around Parkdale. I live in Parkdale. Take them to Toronto Island, it’s a must see in the summertime. A spring day, go to the island, come back on the ferry, see the skyline. Basically from Bloor to Queen and from Bathurst to Roncesvailles. The Piston or Ace on Roncesvalles, its great!

8. Do you own a Ben Sherman shirt?
Well now I do!

9. You are playing TURF (Toronto Urban Roots Festival - July 4-6) this summer, who are you most excited to be sharing the bill with?
Lot of good bands. I guess I'm most excited to share the bill with the Violent Femmes again, cause that’s just a crazy thing to say for me.

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