Five Minutes With: Duologue

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For our third and final 'Five Minutes with Ben Sherman' we caught up with Duologue singer Tim Digby Bell.






We unlocked the darkest secrets of Duologue singer Tim in our final CMJ 'Five Minutes With'.  Including his hair dye disasters, the band's divide over King Krule and his concerns for the digital age.


1. What does it mean, as a British act, to play CMJ this year?

It's our second time here as our albums just about to come out in the US so it means a lot. In real terms it means a lot of carting equipment up and down stairs and little sleep.
2.            Who will you be excited to see on the schedule?

Hopefully get along to see the fuck buttons but ideally we'd like to discover some new music.

3.            What can’t you live without when you’re on the road?

Tea and books for me.

4.            What song/album do you have on repeat on your iTunes/Spotify at the moment?

Loving Yezzus. King Krule's record has really divided the band but I'm a fan.

5.            Do you own a Ben Sherman shirt?

I think every English guy has at some point owned a Ben Sherman shirt.

6.            What do you think embodies British style or fashion?

I guess you'd say we were pretty understated- maybe forward thinking but always with an eye for the past.

7.            Trends come and go, styles change and evolve, but what is your biggest fashion regret?

Purple hair.

8.            Finally, if you could sit down for a pint with anyone – who would it be?

At the moment Jonathan Franzen to share concerns about the digital age.


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