Five Minutes With: The Heavy

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We caught up with The Heavy guitarist, Dan, during the filming of their ESPN 2013 NFL Draft Telecast with 50 Cent.


We see you are playing a few festivals this summer. Do you prefer an intimate venue or do you thrive in a festival atmosphere?

Smaller venues are usually a lot easier to say the least, festivals can be so unpredictable, you literally turn up and play! I think I speak for everyone when it comes to Glastonbury this year, WE ARE FINALLY PLAYING! Forty five minutes to get home too, bonus......

What couldn't you live without when you are on the road?

Green tea and my iPad. I'm a simple man with simple needs......

What have you been singing along to in the shower recently?

I've been murdering that Bruno Mars ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ tune of late.....

We've seen you wearing Ben Sherman at some of your shows and in TV appearances. What's your favourite piece from our collection?

I managed to pick up a couple of the Camden style suits, they are a great cut.

Who do you think embodies 'British style'?

Probably Paul Weller although lately his barnet appears a little unpredictable. He's been sticking to that mod vibe forever and always looks sharp. I've seen a few shots of Tinie Tempah of late looking pretty tidy too....if I had an all time favourite embodiment of British style it would have to be The Beatles circa 67/68, great tailoring clashing with wild psychedelia!

Do you think British style has changed dramatically over the years? If so, what's your biggest style regret?

Not really, I still think the classic looks are still ever present and influential. In my dark distant past I have been guilty of rocking that whole awful skater street wear vibe, baggy jeans and hoodies, but hey, I was young!

If you could have a pint with anyone, who would it be and why?

Probably Jonny Marr, Bigmouth Strikes Again was the first tune I attempted on the guitar and I still haven't nailed it!

The Heavy are wearing Ben Sherman Tailoring from our Spring collection.

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