Five Minutes With Tim Burgess

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We caught up with Tim at the launch of ’50 Years of British Style Culture' to talk Valentine’s Day, life on the road and his biggest style regret.





We hear you just launched a new solo album – ‘Oh No I Love You’. What can we expect?

Well a long time ago I met a guy called Kurt Wagner (of Nashville band Lambchop, one of Tim’s favourite bands) and I asked him if he would like to collaborate.
Years went by and nothing happened, then in April 2011 I called him and told him if I was visiting Nashville and would he like to write some songs. He said ‘when are you coming?’ to which I replied ‘two weeks’ time’. Kurt only had four weeks before he left for Berlin.
So after two weeks in Nashville I returned with enough material for the album and it was recorded the following October.
It’s been out four months now and the reviews have been fantastic.

Are you planning to tour?

Live shows have been great.  The UK and Italy so far, but I’ll be in Germany in May and then possibly France too.
I’m doing Field Day here in London too.

What is the one thing you can’t live without when you are on the road?

Home. You take everything with you but it’s not home.

Valentine’s Day is round the corner. Have you ever been on a date that made you say ‘Oh no, I don’t love you and I never will’?

Well there’s a remix album called ‘Oh No I Love You Too’.
There’s also a possibility of a fellow artist writing a track called ‘Black’ in response my track ‘White’. It will feature some negative connotations; you should have a listen to that one.

Thank you for joining us for the launch of ’50 Years of British Style Culture’. How would you describe your own personal style?
Oh it’s a pleasure, thank you.
My staple items are my moccasins, jeans, loose t-shirts and always a hat.

Do you think it has changed dramatically over the years? If so, what’s your biggest style regret?

Punk and mod when I was younger, but they were pretty cool.
I had some 22 inch flares which I wore with a denim shirt in the 90’s, double denim.

If you could have a pint with anyone, who would it be and why?
He presented me with an award via Skype but it’s not the same – so I’d have to day David Lynch.


Tim Burgess, ‘Oh No I Love You’ – out now. You can tweet him here: @Tim_Burgess or listen to his new album on the Spotify player below:


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