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We are proud to be showcasing the work of artist Mark Powell at the Mod_ular Blanc space above our Commercial Street Store. The exhibition will take place during the Other Art Fair between the 14th and 21st October.



When Other Art Fair initially approached us about exhibiting their artist’s work, we were pretty chuffed. The project became even more exciting when we received the artists work. Resounding exclamations of approval from around the office – ‘what beautiful drawings’ and ‘are you sure he did them all with a biro? what a talented chap’.

Mark graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2006 and went on to display his work in shows across the UK, United States and Europe.



We caught up with him before his residency at our Mod_ular Blanc space: discovering the driving forces behind his work and the people who appear in his work.


Where is your studio?

My studio is currently in Hackney Downs Studios.

Who are the people in your drawings?

I try to use as many images that I have taken to produce the drawings. But I do get a number of images sent from people to use.

Tell us about your work.

My work is based on the hint of history. It can be seen in the face of the subject and my chosen canvas which can be over 200 years old. It is then left up to the viewer to fill in those gaps as to what the life might have been.

Tell us about the paper you use.

The oldest paper I have drawn on is a king’s declaration of 1776. Many of the envelopes, documents and papers I use are over 150 years old. I like to see this as preserving a history rather than destroying it. The image that I draw and the canvas fit perfectly together.

Are there any artists that particularly inspire you?

Chuck Close is an inspiration to me because of his technical ability. And Jean-Michel Basquiat is an inspiration to drive me to create.

What’s your favourite art work?

I’m not overly happy with much that I have produced so I wouldn’t be able to pick one as a favourite.

How did the exhibition with Ben Sherman come about?

Having worked with The Other Art Fair at every fair so far and enjoying success each time, when I was approached with this great opportunity  it was impossible to turn it down. Since first exhibiting at the first fair my career as a professional artist has improved massively.



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