Q&A with The Lonely Forest

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During CMJ Week in October, we were luckily enough to have The Lonely Forest pop into our Soho, New York store before their gig at the Ace Hotel for KEXP Radio.

As well as grabbing some Ben Sherman attire for their forthcoming show, they also took time out of their busy schedule to answer a Q&A about themselves, their music and their wardrobe essentials....


Ben Sherman: How/When did The Lonely Forest come together as a group?

The Lonely Forest: TLF started as Eric, Braydn, and Tony goofing around in Braydn's parents garage playing instrumental stuff. Mostly just ideas for riffs etc...Then we we're lucky enough to meet John and asked him to play with us.

BS: I saw my first Lonely Forest gig a year ago at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg and was completely blown away, your live sound is phenomenal. How has your set come along since then?

TLF: We're always switching the set around seeing how we can link different combinations of songs together. We like to keep our sets fairly seamless, but they're always changing.

BS: John, what is your favorite song in the set at the moment?

John TLF: Definitely the new songs. It feels good playing something different.

BS: Bradyn you have a unique drumming style.. which is insane by the way. Who inspires you musically?

Bradyn TLF: Thanks! Dave Grohl, Stewart Copeland, and Jimmy Chamberlin to name a few.

BS: The music video to Go Outside looked like you were having a blast. Is that your hometown?

TLF: Yep, that's Anacortes. The entire video was shot in and around Anacortes, WA.

BS: What did the locals make of you hijacking their parade?

TLF: Everyone had a lot of fun. It was actually encouraged by the local paper for people join in, so we took that as an open invitation.

BS: In the last year you've played in New York a couple of times; what do you love about this city?

TLF: The food! Getting to see friends. Oh, and the awesome public transportation.

BS: What towns are you looking forward to hitting on this tour?

TLF: We love Chicago and San Francisco, but honestly there is something great about every stop we make.

BS: When you are on the road, what's an essential wardrobe item for you?

TLF: A warm coat!  Though, a hoodie and swim trunks are key.  Also, can't forget to pack lots of socks and undies.

Image by J.Shotti

See pictures of The Lonely Forest wearing Ben Sherman at their CMJ gig here.

The Lonely Forest's New Album 'Arrows': http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/arrows-deluxe/id424480627

The Lonely Forest's New Video for 'Turn Off This Song and Go Outside': http://youtu.be/Iqizoud_NN0



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