Plectrum Collection Autumn 2012

About the Collection

Undeniably, two of the most iconic and imitated movements in youth culture; Mods and Rockers. Individually, their impact on generations of British youth resonates through music, fashion, politics and beyond. Collectively, they were in conflict; their music, philosophy and styles clashed, spurning one of the most infamous rivalries of the 20th Century, the impact of which lives on today.

For AU12, Ben Sherman explores this legacy of collision, but imagines instead a reluctant meeting of minds, and a sharing of styles. Both sides keeping their distance and respective identities, but for once challenging their traditional boundaries. So this Autumn ‘12, Mod, meet Rocker...

With an aesthetic defined by a fondness for tailoring, and identifiable by their sharp silhouettes, Mod is juxtaposed with the leather, the aggression and the grit of the Rocker. The resultant collection is an inspired and considered clash of style.

The juxtaposition is evident within outerwear, where familiar pieces are approached with this new mindset. A classic Parka is recreated in ballistic cotton canvas, whilst the sleeves are sculpted from buffalo leather and the hood finished with a luxuriant trim. Tailoring also play a key role in the collection, offered in varying degrees of structure from deconstructed garment dyed jackets to formal styles, where a strong shoulder creates a more refined silhouette.

Mod, Meet Rocker

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