Entertainment For Your Ears: How To Dress Well

Entertainment For Your Ears: How To Dress Well

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the new Justin Timberlake release at the moment, largely because his elevated yet pitch perfect voice is something you rarely experience as a music fan.

We proclaim Tom Krell has all the vocal talent of JT with some added cool factor. Plus he’s playing ‘Upfront Presents’ in Malaysia, an event we proudly co-sponsor.


We discovered How to Dress Well during our weekly perusal of Pitchfork, in search of something different to play in the office while we plough through our report documents. Purely by chance the ‘Total Loss’ album was on the landing page when we visited and determined to try something new, we added it to our Spotify playlist.

Although we are a brand deep rooted in our love of all things rock & roll we couldn’t help but be drawn in by Tom’s incredible talent. If pop, indie and R&B attended a dinner party we imagine this is how it might sound.

‘Cold Nites’ is a great track to start off with, particularly if you want to show your girlfriend you are in touch with your emotions.


‘Upfront Presents’ How to Dress Well, Friday 3rd March 2013www.facebook.com/TheBeeMY

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