This season we collaborated with British menswear designer Matthew Miller on a six-piece capsule collection, uniting a Disaffected Generation since Forever. We caught up with Matthew to talk about the collection, his first Ben Sherman shirt and why he got into fashion.




In your own collections you explore the notion of a ‘disaffected generation’, formed through rebellion and the pressure to conform. How is this expressed in the Ben Sherman x Matthew Miller collection?
I think me and Ben Sherman are cut from the same cloth to be honest. We both are inherently inspired by Youth Rebellion and Freedom of expression. This shows through in how bold and direct the collection is, interweaving all three aspects.

Can you talk us through how the collection came together: from initial ideas to the finished garments?
I began by looking at photographers who have been able to catch a very poignant moment on film, Gavin Watson’s Images of Rave were a particular favourite. I then started to think about the vilification of most youth movements by the press. If you think about mod’s Rocker’s, punks Rave and grunge kid’s. The press demonized the young people who were apart of these, just like they vilify modern youth, “The disaffected Generation” I’ve reclaimed this vilification to be worn as a badge of honor for my generation. A a badge of freedom.


Gavin Watson – A rave 1989

What’s your favourite piece?
That’s a difficult question. I like the simplicity of the Disaffected Badge plain white tee, but the texture of the parachute Parker, as it changes from printed to non printed is pretty special.


Ben Sherman and Matthew Miller are both very influenced by subcultures. Do you see other similarities?
I think we both have a way of not just being influenced by sub-cultures but being apart of the now, having a real time relevance. That’s an incredibly hard thing to do.

Did you know from an young age that you wanted to be a fashion designer?
No not at all, i didn’t really know about design until i started Art school, i just enjoyed art, and then i started utilizing those skills to communicate my idea’s. I only got into fashion as the class was full of girls, luckily turns out, I was alright at it.

Have you ever owned a Ben Sherman shirt?
Yeah, the first shirt I ever bought was a Ben Sherman, it was my best shirt for nights down the youth club, and school disco dates.

What have you been listening to in the studio lately?
The Amazing Snake Heads, Theo Verney, The Wytches, Bullies and The Savages

Lastly, if you could have a pint with absolutely anyone, who would it be and why?
David Bowie, he’s the ultimate living icon.

Explore the Disaffected Generation since Forever collection here

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