He’s playing drums with Damon Albarn and The Heavy Seas, a DJ and producer and then he’s got a definite sense of sartorial style. We talk to Pauli LoveJoy(Paul Stanley-McKenzie) about fashion and music inspiration, what it’s like to be in a band with The Heavy Seas and his favourite ways to accessorize a look when wearing a suit.





What’s it like being in a band with Damon and rest of The Heavy Seas?
The band has Mike Smith on keys, Seye on guitar and Jeff Wootton on bass. We first played together in Mali and on our return to UK Damon put us together in a studio and the Heavy Seas were born. It was an honour to be asked to support Damon on this part of his journey on the campaign of his forthcoming debut album “Everyday Robots.”

Damon has always had a very inspirational energy, I’ve worked with him previously on Gorillaz Sound System and Africa Express; both experiences were perpetually very different but both taught me a lot about musicianship and life.

You’ve been touring all over the world. What’s been your favourite city and why?
My first tour was back in 2007 when I was 17 years old. I was working with a South African artist called MPHO, we played Cape Town Jazz festival. It was my first time touring internationally and it was fascinating seeing all the SA fashions, traditions and culture first hand. All the different tribal nuances were captivating. From the language of the Xhosa people; to the dancing of the Zulus, South Africa is an irresistibly enchanting place.

Have you always had an interest in fashion and when did it start?
I’ve always been conscious of fashion and what’s fashionable. Often consciously wearing my styles out of season which made it more exclusive. I go through phases of premium street wear or sartorial, and mix them up from season to season depending on what projects I am working on. I honed my interest in fashion whilst studying at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication which is prominent for having one of the best fashion courses in the country.


Who are your favourite style icons at the moment?
Andre 3000, from an equestrian look to a preppy style – he covers them all so well and I look forward to his return with Outkast this year.

Basquiat, one of my biggest influences – his care free attitude and liberal approach to art is his style personified.

Jimi Hendrix, is the king of psychedelia and his style is a reflection of his outlandish otherworldly music.

Sam Lambert & Shaka Maidoh, from ‘Art Comes First,’ these gents are genius milliners and their style is flawless. I’ve literally seen them part crowds of people like moses with the red sea just with their presence as they walk down the street.

What is your favourite Ben Sherman Tailoring item?
The Grey Herringbone Blazer has become my uniform for spring. When it’s still chilly out, I wear it over the cable crew jumper.


We’ve noticed that you have a definite sense of sartorial style. What are your favourite ways to accessorize your look when you wear a suit?
Wide brim hats are my default go to. A strong pair of shoes and complimentary socks are very important. England is home to some of the best shoemakers in the world.
Also, silk.. Silk patterned scarfs and pocket squares for a splash of colour to awaken a single colour suit.

What’s next for The Heavy Seas?
We’re touring throughout Europe and America and Japan. All tour dates can be found here

Hope to see you at a show!


Photos: Gynelle Leon

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