1. Ben Sherman


Established in 1963 we have a strong foundation in shirt-making and take pride in bringing precision, heritage and quality to our collections. Part of our shirting story is our unique focus on collars, offering signature designs that range from the iconic three finger button down through to a cutaway penny, across formal and casual ranges.

The Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar is designed to make the tie more prominent, suiting a wider tie knot. The cutaway also works unbuttoned under a sharp blazer for a cool, continental look.


The Cutaway Penny Collar 

The traditional penny collar is firmly back in style and is perfect with a relaxed suit, buttoned up, sans tie. If you do choose to wear one, make sure it’s super slim.

2-penny cutaway

The Small Point Collar

The small point is a collar style that is currently having a resurgence. It’s easy to see why; the small point looks just as good under a jumper as it does with a suit.


The 1 Finger Button Down Collar

Our one finger button down is a sharp, modern style that works perfectly with a skinny cut suit, suitable for anybody looking to leave the tie behind.


The 2 Finger Button Down

A simple, versatile style, the two-finger button down looks just as at home with a formal suit and tie as it does with casual tailoring.


The 3 Finger Button Down

This is our most traditional button down. A less formal option than the classic point, the three-finger button down looks relaxed without a tie, unbuttoned.


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