The complete guide to Denim

The complete guide to Denim

Our guide to everything you need to know about denim. From finding the right fit to care and repair. And then we’re teaching you how to fold like a pro.







1. RIGHT SIZE: Buy your chosen slim fit pair in an I-can-barely-fasten-it size. It will stretch after a couple of wears and still remain snug.


2. FOLD NOT ROLL Aim for nice clean lines with your turn-up’s. Two crisp turns should do it, about 1in (2.5cm) in width.


3. RIGHT LENGTH is just before it touches the top of your foot. This length works well with loafers, boots and lace-ups. 




4. CUSTOMIZE THE LENGTH If the hem is too long get them professionally shortened to customize your fit.


5. DOUBLE UP: Buy the same jeans in two sizes: a comfortable, weekend pair, and a slimmer, fitted version for a night out or wearing with tailoring. Find the right sizes here




6. KEEP THEM RAW: Wear Raw denim for as long as possible. Store them in the freezer between wears. Wait six months before their first wash, which should always be dry clean.


7. ZAP THE SMELL: Hang your jeans in the bathroom before a shower. The damp steam will keep them fresh between washes.




8. KEEP THE COLOUR: Turn them inside out and wash in cold water with a mild detergent to preserve the colour.


9. AIR DRY: Try not to machine dry denim pieces. Lay flat or hang upside down to dry.


10. FOLD LIKE A PRO:  Lay a pair on a flat surface, fold in half from left to right. Grab the stacked jean leg, fold in half so the hem of the jeans lines up with the waistband. Fold the jeans in half one more time. Voila!


11. LET IT BREATHE Denim needs to breathe, so be sure to not pack folded pairs too tightly together on a shelf.


12. FIX IT If you have a pair of beaten jeans that you can’t bear to let go of, we recommend The Denim Doctor  for denim repairs


Now that you know how to find the right fit, fold like a pro and take care of your denim, here are #12THINGS you can do in ours. From the mundane to the downright bizarre

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