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photo of the artist -Miles Kane

Behind The Scenes with Mark and Miles

Join Ben Sherman Creative Director, Mark Williams, and Global Artist Miles Kane behind the Spring Summer 2022 campaign scenes. They chat about his style evolution, vintage Ben Sherman, and today's 'dream come true' moment working with the brand.

Mark Williams So, Miles, when you’re on stage, in terms of your on-stage and off-stage outfits, would you say there is a difference in your day-to-day style?

Miles Kane: Well, it depends on the phase I'm in because I've had phases where I'm in all-in-one jumpsuits and make-up.

MW Nice!

MK ..and that hasn't transcended into everyday life, although it's been very close (laughs).

MWYeah?! (laughs).

MK  I started getting clothes made by this guy called Ray Brown years ago, just after my first album, and it became like an addiction. I didn't feel right if I didn't have anything tailor-made for a gig. It's like a footie player puts a footie kit on. Whatever I had on in the day didn't feel right to do the gig. It's like I had to change to get in the mindset.

MW Almost like a uniform.

MK  Yeah, like a uniform, yeah! Like going to work, or something, and then, just because I've got such an addiction to clothes, I got him to make clothes for every day and then stuff I could combine. So yeah, basically, I was just blowing all my money on clothes and getting stuff made at the tailors (laughs!).

MW (Laughs) Yeah, tell me about it. In terms of that addiction, that's really interesting. You say you've got an addiction to clothes. Where do you think your style stems from?

MK it's, it's always been like that. I don't know if it is just a thing from being from Liverpool where I'm from, I've always just had this thing with clothes. I've always been like that even as a kid, you know, from when we were wearing tracksuits and stuff, you know, back home, we always wanted to get that latest tracksuit, or that all-in-one and everything had to match. Even as kids, we would have the tracksuit, but you wouldn't be mismatched. Y’know what I mean?


MWYeah, yeah, because it's about feeling part of the gang, and it's all about fitting in with all your mates. You want to stand out, and you'd want to be individual. Yeah.

MK There was always excitement and a passion for it early doors, and then getting into fourteen, fifteen, sixteen was when you'd get into the Mod stuff. Do you know what I mean? So Ben Sherman as a kid, I was wearing all this gear. That was where it opened up; you start finding yourself. Well, when I was fifteen, or maybe a bit younger, Ben Sherman did this vintage collection that I still have, these two tops, a brown and a cream one, not too dissimilar to some of the stuff here today really. I was obsessed with it, and you did a concession in Liverpool. I remember it so clearly, and I've still got the Ben Sherman tops at me, mams; they still fit!

MW So fond memories?

MK So, it's weird how things happen, twenty years, twenty-five years, later. Well, twenty years more like! (laughs) Yeah, It’s full-circle, man. When I went back home to see the tops are still there, it's a funny feeling. It's a nice feeling!

MW Funny you mentioned that about coming back full circle because a lot of our design ethos starts there. Knowing our DNA and our heritage, we look back a lot at those types of styles; we kind of mix it. It can't all be about looking back. We try to get a moment of looking back and then look at how to bring in the new energy.

MK's about bringing the new energy with it. Yeah, yeah. Coolio, this is like "This Is Your Life" (laughs!)