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Grooming Collection with Travel Case

Grooming Collection with Travel Case


Grooming Collection with Travel Case


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Ben Sherman Grooming Collection with Travel Case is the perfect set for on-the-go grooming. The included zippered travel case allows you to neatly pack all the grooming tools you need when traveling.
  • Grooming Collection with Travel Case
  • Set includes cuticle scissors, large nail clipper, slanted nail clipper, nail file, ingrown hair tweezer, and travel case
  • Cuticle scissors feature a classic design with sharp, heavy-duty curved blades for trimming finger and toe nails, hangnails and cuticles.
  • Slanted nail clipper has an angled cutting edge and ergonomic design to cut nails comfortably.
  • Nail file has a super-strong, long-lasting sapphire finish for extra-gentle shaping and smoothing.
  • Pointed tweezer is designed for removing anything embedded under the skin with its ultra-sharp points.
  • Large nail clipper directions: Trim your nails by placing the blade/clipper portion over the edge of your nail and pushing down to clip the nail. Work from side to side of the nail to trim evenly across the nail.
  • Navy zippered travel case included


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