Everybody In To End Homelessness

For the homeless, starting fresh can seem out of reach. Ben Sherman partnered with Crisis – a UK-based charity that fights homelessness - during the 2017 holidays to offer advice and support to thousands of homeless people ready to start their new lives. 

Across the UK, support was given via partnerships, volunteering, donated gifts, and fundraising.

Ben Sherman partnered with Crisis to help spread awareness of this cause and raise funds throughout the country. We aided the effort by securing volunteers, accepting donations, and contributing a share of their sales to the cause.

Thanks to the help from volunteers, Crisis’ guests enjoyed hot food, a warm bed, and vital medical services, taking a huge first step out of homelessness for those in need. Volunteers also participated in Crisis at Christmas events throughout the UK that brought holiday cheer to those in need and informed participants of the achievements Crisis has made over the last 50 years.

The Crisis at Christmas events were full of holiday spirit thanks to generous gift donations. Crisis centers in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Coventry requested essential supplies such as warm food and clean clothing for their guests.

By fundraising for this Crisis’ campaign, those in need were able to visit any one of 13 Crisis centers across the UK for hot food, good company, essential medical attention, fresh clothes, housing and employment counseling, work training, and contact with their families.

Ben Sherman is committed to giving back to their communities and providing support and aid to those who need it.

Learn more about how you can donate. Click here to visit our UK Ben Sherman website.

Together, We Will End Homelessness.