Spring 2013 Jazz Life

The Jazz scene of 1960s America was a time of sharp styles and new sounds, and an era that influenced music and fashion in equal magnitude. Our Spring ‘13 collection takes its sartorial lead from this era, and it is with a nod to Jazz Life, we present the seasons campaign.

Inspired by the book of the same name, the collection looks at the influence of this East Coast scene. With the spirit of collision becoming a hallmark of the Plectrum Collection, this clash of opposing styles creates a new silhouette and inspired design detail, lending the collection a more contemporary sensibility.

Continuing the theme of we work with our own, we revisit our creative collaboration with The Rig Out magazine to capture the shop boys of Ben Sherman, amongst a backdrop of some of London’s most iconic studios.


Plectrum Catwalk


Meet the boys


Jazz Shop Collection
Jazz Life Look 1
Jazz Life Look 2
Jazz Life Look 3
Jazz Life Look 4
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