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May 05, 2020 2 min read

New York-based Kung-Fu student and skater Thomas Castro tells us about his interests and some exciting things he has coming up. 

Thomas wears the Embroidered Logo Hoodie in dark navy

Thomas wears the Embroidered Logo Hoodie in dark navy

How did you get into Kung-Fu?

I got into Kung-Fu from watching old Kung-Fu films like Drunken Master. It influenced me to join the USA Shaolin Temple at 14 years old. I left the Shaolin Temple and came across a new Sifu (master) who is 80, and teaching me secret ancient techniques.

Tell us about your routine around kung-fu.

My Sifu is at my house by 7 am most mornings and I train on forms for hours. Hitting and warming up on the wooden dummy that he has me practicing on, I’m doing a lot of exercises that also work out the whole internal muscle system.

What does that world look like? Anything specific we should know?

Yes! Kung-Fu isn't about fighting! It's life! Kung-Fu heals and shows us how to work and connect with nature.

Thomas wears the Blocked Stripe Polo Shirt

Thomas wears the Blocked Stripe Polo Shirt

Any exciting personal projects coming up this year?

I just dropped an EP called “Mad Monkey.” I'm going to be releasing a video for “Monet,” which is one of the tracks on the EP.

What are some other interests you have? Tell us a little about them.

Another passion I have is skateboarding; I started skating right before I joined the Shaolin Temple. Skating is what opened me to transformation and has been the way I move around in the world. The feeling of skating down the street is freeing, and I love it.

Who is your biggest influence?

My biggest inspiration has to be my mother. She’s a dragon and worked her way up to owning her own business from nothing. Witnessing all of it when growing up gave me my business mentality.

What is your favourite activity to do with your friends?

My favourite thing to do with friends is to skate. Skateboarding in groups feels amazing; it feels like you own the city. Likes it's your playground.

Thomas wears the Embroidered Logo Hoodie in dark navy

Thomas wears the Embroidered Logo Hoodie in dark navy

What does Ben Sherman mean to you?

To me, Ben Sherman is openness and acceptance.

What is your favourite piece of Ben Sherman clothing, and why?

My favourite would have to be the signature logo sweater because it's simple but still stands out. A sweater you can wear with or without a jacket.

Thomas wears our Signature Logo Sweatshirt in Ecru
Thomas wears our Signature Logo Sweatshirt in Ecru

How would you describe your personal style, what are key-pieces that you can’t live without?

My personal style has to have flair. I usually wear bellbottoms. I like feeling groovy. I have to have my stones with me, like my jade necklace for protection and good health.

What is a good mantra or affirmation that you live by?

A good mantra you can recite is Namo Amitabha. Amitabha is a buddha, and when you recite his name, it brings you abundance. In English, it translates to infinite life.

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