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Complete Guide to Mod Fashion

The Complete Guide to Mod Fashion
Ben Sherman has been synonymous with Mod Style since our humble beginnings in 1963. Crisp button-down shirts, stylish Harrington jackets, and a myriad of polo shirts are go-to essentials of the sharpest subculture known to man.
Mod Target
The Harringon Jacket
The Harringon Jacket in Dark Navy
The [1930s British] G9 golf jacket, re-christened in honour of Rodney Harrington, Ryan O’Neal’s proto-mod character in the sixties U.S. soap Peyton Place.
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The Polo Shirt
Romford Polo Shirt in Staples Navy
A still-smart alternative to a collar and tie, which is crucial to the Mod aesthetic.
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The Button-Down Shirt
Long-Sleeved Archive Brighton Striped Shirt in Robbia Blue
“There were only blue-collar or white-collar shirts around at the time, so Ben (Sherman) added the colour, along with stripes, a signature button at the back of the collar, and a back box pleat as his sign-off.” — Mark Williams, Creative Director of Ben Sherman
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The Mod Suit
Two-Button Notch Lapel Jacket
“To an extent, all tapered, fitted suits are simply a nod to the mod, and the more contemporary, the more mod.” — Mark Williams
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